September Work

Fall is in the air and we have much work going on here at the cabin. I’m beginning to move more of our stuff from the south to the north which is requiring many long drives from Georgia to New Hampshire with carloads of furniture and other things.

Last week a truckload of firewood was delivered. My mom and my son helped me stack it all weekend. We stacked our two wood racks full, filled the porch rack and rack by the fireplace inside and stacked the rest up against the pine tree in the front yard. I think we are ready for winter!

Additionally, I am stripping the old porch swing and I’m going to refinish it with a solid colored stain. As I remove the old chipping, white paint, I am unfortunately discovering another layer of stain or paint beneath. There are many nooks and crannies so this is taking a while!!!!

Stay tuned on this one!!!!!

I also started planting some tulips and daffodil bulbs around the yard. Soon they will look like this:

But right now they look like this:

The weather has been pretty much like down south so far and all this work has been done with oppressive heat and humidity. We are looking forward to some cooler weather here over the next few weeks. It can’t happen soon enough!

I’ll leave you with the end of my walk the other day. He lake was like glass and is beginning to reflect the beauty of he season.

Ciao for now……In the Pines

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