Mount Kearsage North

We made this hike on an early and cold November morning.  We showed up at 8AM to get an early start.  It’s a steep climb as one gets closer to the top and I imagine this will be our last climb of the season.  Thanksgiving is upon us and the top of this mountain was showing it’s first signs of ice.  In a few weeks time and as fairly new climbers, we will not be equipped to hike.

The elevation for this hike was 3268 feet and it took us several hours to get to the top. We had lunch at the top and climbed the old fire tower, which was pretty fun.  The views were splendid and I loved the winter berry that was growing everywhere.

I had trouble once again (as with Chocoruah) with my legs on the way DOWN the trail.  Turns out I have a little repetitive motion condition called IT (illio tibial?) band syndrome:(. I’ll have a brace and some stretches to do the next time I hike.

Also, I have to teach my son not to run ahead and I have to stop blindly following him.  We got WAY off the trail today due to lack of paying attention! That could get dangerous……but all’s well that ends well!!!!

Here are some photos of the day:)

Enjoy…….In the Pines:)

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