Work, Work and More Work

We’ve had much going on here In the Pines. So much so that this post is over a year late!

A new roof has gone up on the cabin, I’m continuing to landscape and we’ve stacked four cords of wood over the past month. We’ve also sold our home down south, sold off most of our things and what was left has come up in a storage unit that has been sitting in my driveway all summer. Additionally, there is work outside the home and a daughter to move back to college and a teenager that needed to get ready to start school. It’s been a crazy year!

The new roof under construction. We chose green to go with the shutters and blend in with the forest around us.

My pride and joy over the past summer is the addition of a perennial bed along the walkway. Having a sandy, overgrown lot has the advantage of being a clean slate on which to grow. I have already added beds in the front and back of the home. I find things on sale and just keep plunking them in. Most of it seems to come back so perhaps I have a green thumb as well as a green roof!

I wanted to edge this walkway perennial garden with large rocks. My only issue was where to get the rocks. I really didn’t want to pay for rocks. I also did not want to pull them from local rivers and natural places, which would be wrong. Finally, I came upon a construction site. I asked a man up on a tractor if I could take some rocks. He said that I could so I ended up spending half a day loading rocks into the back of my Jeep.

The back of my Jeep loaded with large stones. I think my next car needs to be a pickup truck!

After much hauling of rock, dirt, mulch and plants……here it is! The walkway perennial garden! I’ve included a more recent photo that also shows the log cabin with the new roof, perennial gardens and lawn.

The previously all sand lot is getting a badly needed upgrade:)
Beginnings of adding beds and topsoil.

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