Happy New Year 2022

As we are still in the middle of the Covid pandemic, I find the best cure to hike often and concentrate on my many hobbies when stuck inside. The winters are usually long here in NH but this winter has seemed to start late. Not much snow at first so one had to go inn search of. How do you find snow in New Hampshire? Go UP my friends…..go UP!!!!

So at the start of this New Year, I am choosing to stay away from Covid and I am traveling UP:) I had company in this New Year’s weekend but I have managed to get in some skiing and hiking nevertheless.

The other day, a friend and I decided to go up Kearsage North, especially known for its icy conditions during the winter. I have hiked this one many a time in other seasons but never winter, due to the many warnings about ice. As we haven’t had much snow, I fully expected and was prepared for the worst ice I could imagine, but was pleasantly surprised by the ease a good pair of traction aids can make.

The Observation Tower at the top of Kearsage North
Overcast skies made for an eerily cold day:)
Following the icy trail back down

Several days later, we decided to go down to the Ossippees and climb Mount Roberts over to Mount Faraway. It was a 9 mile loop but the conditions and elevation gain made this one an easy hike.

Nearinng the summit of Mount Roberts
At the summit of Faraway Mountain

It’s been a good start to 2022!!!! I’m hoping to rack up more hiking miles than last year’s 450!!!! Other goals include losing 20 pounds, getting my fire tower and winter Ossipee lists done and starting my winter 48 list. What are your goals for 2022????

Ciao for now,


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