New Stairway

We have been so busy here “In the Pines.” When we aren’t hiking or skiing, you can find us working on our beloved log cabin. It has great bones but has been stuck in 1972 for a very long time and is in bad need of some updating.

Our latest project is the stairway that leads from our family room to the upstairs living area. After pulling up the carpet, we discovered that the stairs were particle board, there was some rot in places and that the drywall and it’s early 80’s wallpaper had to go! Yep! This little stairway was going to be a complete tear down to the studs.

Dig that wallpaper and dingy carpet? NOT!!!!
Are we really gutting a piece of this house again?

Of course, nothing is easy when you are renovating a log cabin. The stairs were oddly sized, some of the stairs actually had no framing under them, which explains why they felt a bit spongy under foot. Particle board was replaced with oak and the old drywall was replaced with bead board for a rustic look. We put an iron handrail and painted the sashes and trim in a deep Cabernet, in keeping with a log cabin color palette I chose a while back.

Bead board up! It was hard to work around open stairs!
Much better!
Finished product!

I absolutely love how these stairs turned out! The entire project start to finish took about two weeks. We worked most during snow storms or in the evening, leaving plenty of time to hike and ski☺️

We will surely enjoy this update for years to come! Totally worth the effort….and all that dust we raised!

Ciao for now……Karen

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