The Sugarloafs

Happy New Year a little late! It is time to come up with some hiking goals for 2021 but I’ve been too busy hiking to think about it. I surpassed my goal of hiking 10 more of the NH48 by hiking 13 of these majestic mountains in 2020. During Covid, it’s been a great way to get fresh air, exercise and socially distance. I now stand at having hiked 33/NH48. All of the mountains in this range stand over 4000 feet in elevation.

For much of the winter, I’ve continued on with another list entitled 52 With A View. The 52 WAV are not quite as tall. A few come close, but don’t meet the 4000′ elevation requirement to be on the “big list.” However, they are plenty challenging and make for great winter hiking when the days are short……and especially if the hiker is slow. That would be me!

I have hiked several of these 52 WAV, usually with a hiking buddy or two. The other day, I decided that I needed some solitude and so I picked North and Middle Sugarloaf Mountains as my latest hike.

In the winter, Zealand Road, where the trailhead to the Sugarloafs lies, is closed. I’ve never gone up there in the winter but I really wanted to do this hike. It would add two miles to the trek. That’s actually not too bad.

So I set out for the hike. Snow shoeing up the road was an absolutely lovely uphill walk. About a mile up, the trail to these beautiful mountains begins on the right hand side. The first part follows a river and the views did not disappoint.

It is a moderate family friendly trail all the way up. Soon one ends up at an intersection where one must decide whether to go up to Middle or North Sugarloaf. On this particular day, I chose to experience what both mountains had to offer. I went over to Middle Sugarloaf first, which has spectacular views in nearly every direction and then headed back down and over to North Sugarloaf. North Sugarloaf doesn’t have the same amazing views and you actually have to hike off the summit in a few directions to find them…… which I did. I love a good game of hide and seek.

The intersection between Middle and North Sugarloaf
I climbed this small set of stairs to get up to the summit of North Sugarloaf and then realized I had to go back down.
What an amazing view I got of Mount Washington from the top of Middle Sugarloaf

All in all, this was a great day of solo hiking for me. I love to get out in nature and many times I choose to go alone. There is something about the piece and quiet that keeps me grounded. It’s a great escape from the busy of day to day life.

As of the time of this blog post, I now stand at 26 of the 52 WAV. I wish I had time to write about every hike!!!!!

Ciao for now…..Karen


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