The Long Winter

It’s been a while y’all…….

Sitting here reminiscing about last winter and all the wonderful memories we made at our log cabin.

As my middle began college, we realized that she had over a month off for her winter break and as my youngest is homeschooled, we decided to take advantage of the time.  We headed up north to the cabin for what would be an amazing family bonding experience for the three of us.  My husband also was able to take time from his busy job, to have a long overdue ski vacation in the Mount Washington Valley.


Great day for skiing in the WMV:)

Over the Christmas break, we managed to slip in a few days of skiing with my husband.  I don’t think that my husband and I have been able to ski together in many years so it was really appreciated by the two of us.  The scenery at Wildcat Mountain was breathtaking and we got to enjoy the views all morning before clouds and some additional snow rolled in during the afternoon. Around 4PM, we enjoyed a little “apres ski” back at the lodge.


For the first time since we’ve owned our log cabin, we decorated for Christmas.  Only the family room was decorated but we managed to go out and cut down a Christmas tree and decorate that too.


2 of my 3 children with their grandmother after decorating the Christmas tree.

After Christmas week, came the snow and lots of it.  Our area of New Hampshire got around 17 inches.  After that, it seemed that we got an additional 2-4 inches every other day. Since then there have been 2 more major storms, as well as lots of melting and freezing, making for some pretty stubborn ice as well. The kids and I stayed for 3 more weeks.  We did lots of skiing, ice skating and sledding on our new found sledding hill.  Closed roads during the winter in our area make for the best sledding for older kids and teens.  We also built a snowman:)


The kids and their cousins…..secret sledding location!!!!!!

Good times:)

Ciao for now……In the Pines

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