Mounts Pierce (4310′)and Eisenhower (4760′) #2&3

On a beautiful July day (7-11-2018), I hauled my son (or he hauled me) up first Mount Pierce and then Mount Eisenhower.  This was our first time “peak bagging”, which is hiking more than one mountain peak during your hike. I found peak bagging to be quite exhausting and during this first of several peak bags, I was worried about time.  I was worried to death about hiking in the dark and not being down the mountain in time.  It was such a worry, in fact, that I expended much more time worrying instead of hiking and just getting the job done.

We summited Pierce about 11:30 in the morning.  It was beautiful and fun and everything everybody said it would be!  Eisenhower looked like maybe another half hour to get over there, right?  Wrong!  We summited Mount Eisenhower about 2PM. Eisenhower proved to be more difficult and a bit scary.  a few times I felt like I could go off the edge. I was very hungry but waited for the summit. We ate at the top, took some beautiful photos and then headed back down.  We got down about 5:30PM.  I’ll always peak bag in the summer to allow myself enough light. Whilst I have my headlamp, flashlight etc. just in case, the thought of using them is still frightening.

On the way back down, I learned something new.  I learned how supplies get to the huts in the mountains.  I passed several teens hauling supplies up to Mizpah Hut……on their backs. Um……no thanks!

Here are some photos from this epic day!

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