Our Hike to Echo Lake

I wanted to write about our hike to Echo Lake from our log cabin today.  When we bought the cabin, we knew there was a ski mobile trail that runs up along the side of the cabin.  Every once in a while you can see a ski mobile go by which was kind of cool.  We don’t own ski mobiles but I think we will at some point….I mean the trail is right outside the door.  The realtor told us that the trail ended up at Echo Lake and that from there one can hook up with trails that go up to Whitehorse Ledge, Cathedral Ledge and that one could ride a ski mobile all the way to Canada if that is what they wanted to do.

ImageCool!  The snow has since disappeared  but a few weeks ago we decided that a hike was in order to find out if we could hike to Echo Lake, how long it would take and if it was a fun hike.  My kids don’t want to randomly just hike around if there is nothing to see.  So we grabbed some water and started out from the cabin along the path.  How fun!  About five minutes in the path split and we hung a right, which was wrong.  We ended up at a pond instead of the lake and there is a neighborhood there.  We went back to the main trail and another five minutes ahead we crossed a bridge over a beautiful crystal clear creek.  My son, Huck Finn, went from dangling his legs to hiking down and wading in the water.



A little further up, there was an actual bigger split in the path marked with a state park brown post.  Again we turned to the right and this time it was the correct path.  It meandered along the same creek through the woods.  Here is a few photo that I took:


These photos don’t do the hike any justice.  This is a beautiful 25 minute hike that leads to the parking lot of Echo Lake State Park.  What a good time we had!  I will certainly be bringing guests on that hike often.  So much fun…and a great workout too:)

Ciao for now!!


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