Trying to Grow Grass Part 1

I am calling this “Part 1” because more than likely there will be a part 2…  We are trying to grow a lawn in sand.  I think that probably, a lawn is not going to grow in sand, or moss, or weeds. Why? Our lot is very sandy as is much of New Hampshire.  Sand drains very quickly and so grass seed tends to dry out easily.  I am irrigating as much as time permits.

Anyway, I bought the seed, a spreader and a new hose. I spread the seed out last Monday, so that makes tomorrow the one week point………. with not a blade of grass sprouted as yet.  The bag of seed said “5-10 days to germination.” This means that the seed should sprout in the next three days and I am not very hopeful. Probably, when I try this again in August, I am going to need to spread a layer of peat or soil down to hold the seed and keep it wet.

One of the neighbors said to forget about it!  They have tried numerous times to plant grass to no avail. We still want to try though because if we can get a lawn going, less sand will get tracked into the house.  I guess that is our primary goal. The other goal being that we will just have better curb appeal.

I will update this post as the grass hopefully grows in.  Here is a “before” picture of our weeds, moss and sand:


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