Black Cap Trail

Forgive me as I am with only an iPad to write this post.  I prefer to have the use of a full computer when writing.  I will have some work to do on these blog posts when I get home.

I took Huck Finn up Hurricane Mountain Road in North Conway, NH the other day.  The road is gated at both ends and closed in the winter.  Upon beginning the journey up the road in my little Hyundai, I became fully aware of why it closes in the winter.

Anyway, the Black Cap Trail is about halfway up the road on the right.  There was no sign that I could see but the parking lot is a good size and loaded with white gravel so you shouldn’t miss it.  In total, the drive was about 20 minutes from the cabin.

The hike is about 1.6 miles each way. It is a good hike for Tweens and teens and families but little ones would need assistance.  It takes about an hour to complete in each direction.  I brought a container for berry picking, but it was a bit early, however the blueberry bushes at the top are abundant and it smells like Christmastime up there as there are many spruce trees that give off a nice scent.  A few more weeks and the berries will be ready to pick.  Unfortunately that is too late for us.  Our schooling begins at the beginning of August which is peak blueberry picking season in New Hampshire.

There are many rocks to climb at the end of this trail and my son really enjoyed that part of the hike.  My favorite part was the 270 degree panoramic view!  We could basically see the entire Mount Washington Valley on one side and over into Maine on the the other.  Incredible!

This entire hike up and down was about two hours but spend some time at the top and enjoy the breeze and the view.  I’m bringing a picnic lunch next time…..and a camera:(

Directions to Black Cap Trail:

  • The Black Cap Trail parking area is located on Hurricane Mountain Road
  • From the cabin, take a left onto Westside Rd., a right onto River Rd. and then turn left onto Rt. 16 north
  • Take Rt. 16 north to the North Conway/Bartlett town line
  • Take a right onto Hurricane Mountain Road (across from the scenic vista overlooking Mt. Washington)
  • The parking lot is 3.6 miles on your right.

Ciao for now,


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